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  1. INCITE: Journal of Experimental Media #∞ "FOREVER"      (Pictured above: Multiples Edition of 200)

    Long-awaited! Years-in-the-making! Spanning a century of media history! Edited by Walter Forsberg and John Klacsmann! 

    "FOREVER" -- published in March 2016, the sixth and newest issue of INCITE: Journal of Experimental Media features contributions by nearly three dozen movie artists and media archivists spanning the written word, the moving image, comics, found photography, video art, Twitter and -- even -- comedy. A limited edition of 200 artist-made multiples (a 'zine by Bradley Eros, a BluRay by Jon Dieringer, a sticker by Dr. Klax, a rare reprint of the special audio compact cassette issue of the legendary experimental film magazine/art-book SPIRAL, and more) is also available for those most refined and discerning tastes.
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  2. STARVATION YEARS: Album de l'Atelier national du Manitoba, 2005-2008

    Edited by Walter Forsberg, with layout and co-design by acclaimed photographer Kramer O'Neill. Published in 2014.


    A striking 298-page full-colour scrapbook account of primary materials relating to the Winnipeg-spawned art and filmmaking collective. Includes: 100+ rare photos, interviews with artists & filmmakers, copyright litigation documents, love letters, hate mail, literary contributions by Cecilia Araneda and Gabrielle Giroday, and a mass of Manitoba nationalist ephemera!

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  4. INCITE: Journal of Experimental Media Issue #4: "EXHIBITION GUIDE"

    Fall 2013 - Second printing 2014   Edited by Brett Kashmere and Walter Forsberg

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    Contributors: 40 Frames, Adam Abrams, Steve Anker, Rebecca Barten, Christina Battle, Scott Miller

    Berry, Bill Brand, Bill Brown, David Cox, Bill Daniel, Donna de Ville, Clint Enns, Bradley Eros, Kate

    Ewald, The Flinching Eye Collective, Walter Forsberg, Brian L. Frye, Sandra Gibson, Elena Gorfinkel,

    Sabine Gruffat, Sabrina Gschwandtner, Josh Guilford, Sarah Halpern, Ed Halter, Adelheid Heftberger,

    Kier-La Janisse, Michael Johnsen, Sharon Johnson, Chris Kennedy, Richard Kerr, Bryan Konefsky,

    Christy LeMaster, Alain LeTourneau, Jeanne Liotta, Kate MacKay, Alex MacKenzie, Jesse Malmed,

    Caroline Martel, Theo Michael, Alice Moscoso, David Nelson, Gordon Nelson, Tara Merenda Nelson,

    Greg Pierce, John Porter, Melissa Ragona, Luis Recoder, Marcus Rosentrater, Ben Russell, David

    Sherman, Spectacle, Tess Takahashi, tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE, Jonathan Walley, Audrey Young

    Portfolios: The Blinding Light!!, Light Industry, Magic Lantern, Orgone Cinema, Other Cinema, The

    Robert Beck Memorial Cinema, Spectacle.