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  1. "Acordeón (para pasar cualqier examen sobre el cine en 16 mm)" / "16 mm Cheat Sheet"

    Screening series program notes for Reencuentros Al Margen: Muestra de Cine Hecho en Cine film series, (Mexico City: Cineteca Nacional, Estudios Churubusco y Laboratorio Experimental de Cine, September 2018)

    PDF link

  2. "I Was Also a Filmmaker-in-Residence at Churubusco: K. George Godwin and the Making-Of David Lynch's Dune in Mexico, 1983"

    Interview and oral history in RECETARIO: Un librito de actividades hecho para "HAZLO TU MISMO: Encuentro de laboratorios independientes de cine analógico, 5 al 9 septiembre, 2018" (Mexico City: Laboratorio Experimental de Cine, September 2018)

    PDF link

  3. "Red Star/Black Star: The Early Career of Film Editor Hortense "Tee" Beveridge, 1948-1968"

    Academic book chapter in Screening Race in American Non-Theatrical Film (Durham: Duke University Press, Forthcoming 2018)

  4. Film Preservation Notes

    Notes written for booklet accompanying Icarus Films DVD release of I AM SOMEBODY: Three Films by Madeline Anderson (February 2018)

  5. Hortense Beveridge and Bedford-Stuyvesant Youth in Action

    Portfolio featured in INCITE: Journal of Experimental Media, Issue #7/8: SPORTS (December 2017)

    PDF link

  6. "20009 <3 R3L-0J5: Correspondence about Holland, MB"

    STUDIO cover feature interview with Aaron Zeghers in BlackFlash Magazine, Vol. 33, No. 3, (Saskatoon, SK: Buffalo Berry Press, 2016)

    PDF link

  7. "A SPIRAL-Side Chat with Terry Cannon" (Co-authored with John Klacsmann)

    Interview with the founding editor of 1980s experimental film journal, SPIRAL, in INCITE: Journal of Experimental Media, Issue #∞: FOREVER (Fall 2015)

    PDF link

  8. "Big Mack Attack: An Interview with Jodie Mack"

    Canyon Cinemazine, Issue #3: Sound & Music (2015)

  9. "Tune-in, Turn-on, and Dropout: Section 108(c) and Evaluating Deterioration in Commercially Produced VHS Collections" (Co-authored with Erik Piil)

    Annual Review of Cultural Heritage Informatics, Vol. 1 (2014)

  10. "God Must Have Painted Those Pictures: Illuminating Auroratone's Lost History"

    INCITE: Journal of Experimental Media, Issue #4: Exhibition Guide (November 2013)

    PDF link

  11. "XFR STN: The New Museum's Stone Tape"

    New Museum of Contemporary Art, exhibition catalogue (July 2013)

    PDF link

  12. "A Declaration of VHS Independence"

    Thinkpiece on VHS obsolescence, library video circulation, and copyright law for the Media Preservation Initiative at Indiana University Bloomington (February 2013).


  13. "Video At Risk: Section 108 Copyright Guidelines"

    Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (December 2012)

    PDF link

  14. "Interview with Jon Rafman"

    Back & Forth (July 2012)

  15. "Lillian Schwartz Sees in Four Dimensions"

    INCITE: Journal of Experimental Media, Issue #3: New Ages (April 2012)

  16. "The Artist, Stripped Bare of His Papers, Even: An Interview with Cory Arcangel"

    American Institute of Conservation's Electronic Media Review, Vol. 1 (June 2012)

    [reprinted from: INCITE: Journal of Experimental Media, Issue #2: Counter Archive, November 2010]

  17. "A Study of Embedded Metadata Support in Audio Recording Software: Summary of Findings and Conclusions" (Co-authored with Chris Lacinak)

    Association for Recorded Sound Collections, Technical Committee White Paper (October 2011)

  18. "Deco Dawson's Doppelgäng-Bang"

    Winnipeg Film Group, curatorial essay (June 2008)