Built with Berta

  1. Orphans 8: Made to Persuade

    New York University & the Museum of the Moving Image, 2012

    Advisor and contributing author for this compilation of archival audiovisual content of material screened at the 2012 Orphan Film Symposium. 

  2. Orphans in Space: Forgotten Films From the Final Frontier

    New York University, 2012

    Curated and produced for the 2012 Orphan Film Symposium by Walter Forsberg, Alice Moscoso, Dan Streible, and Jonah Volk. 

    Limited edition two-disc collection of 15 preserved works from outer space (and...the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Prelinger Archives, the Fales Library, Anthology Film Archives, AV Geeks, and many more!).

    Download the booklet publication, rife with interviews and historical nuggets, here. Sample pages can be seen, above.

  3. Orphans 7: A Collection of Orphan Films

    New York University, 2010

    Curated and produced for the 2010 Orphan Film Symposium by Stefan Elnabli, Walter Forsberg, and Jonah Volk. Executive producers: Alice Moscoso and Dan Streible. 

    Collection of archival film and video works from the Fales Library, the University of South Carolina, and the Communist Party of America. Includes: Henri-Cartier Bresson's *lost* film made during the Spanish Civil War, home movies from Berlin's 1936 Olympics, and everyone's favorite 1970s anti-germ advocate hand-puppet Ro-Revus. 

    ***Winner of "Most Original Contribution to Film History" award at Il Cinema Ritrovato, 2010.